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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I check whether a Tree is covered by a Preservation Order, whether my property is Listed or in a Conservation Area, what use class it falls in etc?
 We can provide information on protected trees if you complete and submit an Environmental Information Request Form. However you will probably get a quicker and more comprehensive response if you contact the National Park direct, as they deal with tree matters on behalf of the District Council. Information on whether a property is Listed or in a Conservation Area or as to its planning history can only be obtained by completing our Environmental Information Request Form. Confirmation as to the Use Class of a particular property can only be ascertained through submission of a formal Certificate of Lawfulness Application on our Planning forms page.
NB: We do not have a Duty Officer who can answer such queries in person.
2.Can I speak to a Duty Officer please?
 As mentioned above you must use our Am I likely to get permission page to seek an officer level opinion on whether a planning/listed building or tree proposal would be likely to get consent.
3.I'd like to report an unsafe tree.

Please contact our Planning Admin Team on 023 8028 5345 or email

4. Can I check the status of an application - any comments received, any problems or any decision or recommendation yet?

Please use our Planning applications online to check the status of an application. If this does not provide the answers you need, please contact our Planning Admin Team on 023 8028 5345, email, who will try to assist or arrange for the Case Officer to contact you.

5.I'd like to report an enforcement matter.
 Please fill in and submit our online Planning Enforcement Enquiry Form
6. Do I need planning permission or building regulation consent?
 We cannot provide planning advice on the spot or over the phone so you must access our Do I need planning permission page for guidance. For advice on building regulation consent please telephone 023 8028 5245 or refer to Building Control.
NB: We do not have a Duty Officer who can answer such queries in person.
7. Can you guide me to information and forms on your website?

Please call our Planning Admin Team on 023 8028 5345, email

8. I'm a neighbour. I want more information on a particular application.
 Full information, including all plans and comments received on all current applications can be easily accessed through Planning applications online.
9.What is on the next Planning Committee and what were the decisions made by them in the past? 

Please view How can I find details about the Planning Committee including reports and agendas?. If you want to know a decision shortly after a Committee, please phone our Planning Admin Team on 023 8028 5345 or email

10.What are residential permitted development rights and will I need permission?

Information on residential permitted development is available on the The National Planning Portal. Information on how to confirm whether a proposal requires planning permission is available on our planning advice pages. We can also tell you whether any particular constraints apply to your property if you complete our Environmental Information Request form.
NB: We can not provide such information on the phone or in person.

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Updated: 18 Sep 2018
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